Below are IBM’s 5 reasons to attend Impact 2013. Want to know what we think are reasons 0–4?

In addition to the great content presented at Impact, our Apex experts will be out and about during the conference to show you what we’ve been up to since the last time you’ve checked in with us. We spent a lot of time with customers understanding what they need to make their IBM BPM projects successful, and we’ve been upgrading our products to make sure all of our clients (existing and future) will have access to these new great features. Some of these solutions may be things you never knew you wanted, but I bet when you see them, you won’t want to do another project without them. Check out some of the other great reason’s to meet with us:

0 — A sneak peak at a game changing new product from Apex that enables case management in IBM BPM

1 — Meet 1:1 with an Apex expert to learn more about Apex Coach Views (You can read more about our upgrades to Coach Views before you stop by)

2 — Check out one of our current products that we’ve spent a lot of time revamping, we’ll reveal which one when we see you!

3 — Find out how Apex can accelerate your IBM BPM process improvement project

4 — An exciting concert from Matchbox 20