Jim Volpe

Apex has played a key role in three projects to implement IBM BPM at Delphi. The first project was with their purchasing process centers, which was highlighted in a presentation last year at Impact. We also worked with Delphi to build an engineering change process and are now helping them to complete a process for new business acquisition.

Next week at Impact, I will present with Richard Rossio from Delphi Automotive, discussing our approach to the new business acquisition process and lessons learned from engineering change. You can find the session to add it to your agenda here.

Abstract: Delphi Automotive implemented a system to improve the efficiency and standardization of their quoting process using IBM BPM. This presentation will illustrate how they delivered a process application quickly to provide early value, then continued to work toward providing additional value through iterative releases. The presentation will include a discussion of assembling the right team and how the diversity of the team’s capabilities was important. It will also look at the complexity and challenges that the team faced. These included integration with several systems and the need to build advanced user interfaces to view and edit complex data, both easily and quickly, within IBM BPM.
When: Thursday, 2 May, 08:45 AM — 09:45 AM
Where: Venetian — Delfino 4101A

If you would like to set up a meeting with us to discuss the project or the cool new products from Apex, please contact us.