Here are some other interesting presentations at Impact next week:

TBU-3079 : Case Study: The State of Alaska Unified Permit Project
Speakers: Scott McEwen, State of Alaska Dept of Natural Resources; Zoya Ponomareva, State of Alaska Dept of Natural Resources
Abstract: The State of Alaska had a backlog of permit applications from entities wishing to use state resources. It needed a solution that would enable it to streamline its processes and eliminate the backlog. The state engaged IBM to create an agile BPM environment using a 14-week Quick Win Project and IBM Blueworks Live and IBM Business Process Manager Advanced software. The solution provides greater visibility into processes along with greater consistency, helping speed the application process. Plus, the platform can be extended to deliver even greater ROI.
When: Wed, 1/May, 10:15 AM — 11:15 AM
Where: Venetian — Delfino 4005

TBU-1775 : Case Study: Grupo Nacional Provincial Enables Business Decisions in Real Time
Speaker: Pablo Vidales, Grupo Nacional Provincial
Abstract: With IBM Operational Decision Management and IBM BPM, GNP deployed a central business rules repository to adapt business behavior to strategy in real time. By automating the health policy underwriting and issuing processes, GNP gained the following benefits: increased efficiency and agility, the ability to dynamically distribute workloads based on process exceptions, better customer service, lower costs, and a self-service solution that allows customers to participate in the process end-to-end. In the future, GNP will extend the solution and benefits to its main business lines: car insurance, life insurance, procurement, HR, and more.
When: Tue, 30/Apr, 05:15 PM — 06:15 PM
Where: Venetian — Delfino 4005

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