Apex Coach Views

Apex was one of the first IBM partners to release a Coach Views toolkit for BPM. Apex Coach Views leverage client-side data patterns to make powerful, intuitive and great-looking UIs.

ACV2 is a library of ready-to-use layouts and controls designed for business technical users. They enable rich user experience with the latest dynamic client-side technologies under the hood and are ideal for both task completion and ad hoc information management user interfaces.

  • Powered by AngularJS
  • Styled with Bootstrap CSS
  • Powerful and Easy to Use
  • Fast and Light
  • Mobile and Responsive
  • Easy to Style and Extend
  • Available on IBM BPM 8.0, 8.5, 8.5.5 and 8.5.6
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We have updated our famed Apex Coach Views Toolkit, if you are looking for the documentation from the original Apex Coach Views please click here and be ready to log in.

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  • Powered by AngularJS

    Apex Coach Views is built on AngularJS by Google. AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary to suit your application. Apex uses this capability to integrate coach views with HTML.

  • Powerful and Easy to Use

    Apex Coach Views enable business technical users to build beautiful, dynamic user experiences without deep web development skills.

  • Easy to Style and Extend

    Apex Coach Views has simple page structure and helper classes that make it easy to style your user interfaces to your company standards. You also customize the HTML templates for the delivered Apex Coach Views and/ or create new custom coach views using only basic HTML skills.

  • Styled with Bootstrap

    Apex Coach Views is styled with Bootstrap CSS. Bootstrap has global CSS settings, fundamental HTML elements styled and enhanced with extensible classes, and an advanced grid system.

  • Fast and Light

    Coaches built with Apex Coach Views load up to 50% faster and have up to 85% smaller page source than the out of the box coach views.

  • Online Training Included

    Apex Coach Views comes with built-in online training that keeps track of what you have completed and what you have left to learn. It even lets you know when new lessons become available. All of this is built with IBM BPM and Apex Coach Views of course!

  • Designed by Apex

    ACV2 is our third-generation IBM BPM user interface toolkit. It builds on 100s of features from its predecessors and incorporates 10s of thousands of hours of BPM user interface design industry experience.

  • Mobile and Responsive

    Apex Coach Views are great for mobile-first design as well as traditional desktop-targeted development.

  • Available on 8.0, 8.5, 8.5.5, and 8.5.6

    No need to wait for 8.5.5 to get all this capability. Apex Coach Views is available on 8.0, 8.5, 8.5.5 and 8.5.6.


Field Views

These views present information for edit and viewing. There are field views for each type of data.



masked_input_paletteMasked Input





progress_bar_paletteProgress Bar



radio_buttons_paletteRadio Button

rich_text_editor_paletteRich Text Editor





color_picker_paletteColor Picker


Layout Views

These views control the way that the views are presented on the page.










complex_table_paletteComplex Table

complex_table_row_paletteComplex Table Row

complex_table_fat_row_paletteComplex Table Fat Row

tree_grid_paletteTree Table


Behavior Views

These views add behavior to the page.

validate_scope_paletteValidate Scope

validation_expression_paletteValidation Expression

resetReset Scope


call_service_paletteCall Service

client_side_script_paletteClient Side Script

list_objects_paletteList Objects

list_page_of_objects_paletteList Page of Objects

window_closed_paletteWindow Closed



list_action_paletteList Action

list_item_action_paletteList Item Action

download_csv_paletteDownload CSV

bpm_document_upload_paletteBPM Document Upload

capture_image_paletteCapture Image

list_exposed_processes_paletteList Exposed Processes

start_process_paletteStart Process

css_classes_paletteCSS Classes

Chart Views

These views provide graphical representations of data.


horizontal_axis_paletteHorizontal Axis

vertical_axis_paletteVertical Axis

pie_plot_palettePie Plot

line_plot_palette2Line Plot

column_plot_paletteBar Plot

combo_chart_paletteCombo Plot

scatter_chart_paletteScatter Plot

Navigation View

These views add navigation features to the UI.



navigation_bar_paletteNavigation Bar

navigation_links_paletteNavigation Links

navigation_input_paletteNavigation Input




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