Apex Repository

Apex Repository includes a full set of ready-to-use integration services – no development required

Building an integration layer for your IBM BPM process application ties up precious resources that could be delivering business value. Waiting for someone to create the necessary database tables, views, and associated integration services can really slow your project down. The effort required keeping them in synch results in even more delays. The team at Apex Process Consultants understands this and created Apex Repository to help your team stay agile and deliver more business value.

  • No Integration Services to Create

    Creating integration services is simple in IBM BPM but it takes time and introduces opportunities for errors. Apex Repository includes a full set of ready-to-use integration services – no development required. If you are building dynamic, client-side user interfaces, Apex Repository also includes a set of integration coach views that retrieve and manage data directly from the client – no Ajax services to build.

  • Support for DB2, SQL Server and Oracle

    The configuration wizard auto-detects the database framework and adjusts automatically. Supporting one or more repositories at the same time is seamless. Apex Repository provides easy access to maintain legacy systems while implementing new database technology with your BPM application.

  • Bulk Loading of Data

    The Repository provides an easy-to-use data bulk loader designed to quickly load and maintain data in development and testing environments via Excel. Cut and paste implementation makes it efficient for the developer or DBA to provide data immediately after table creation and support true agile development.

  • Automatic Rules-Based Configuration with Manual Overrides

    The Apex Repository configuration wizard maps business objects to tables using rules-based defaults with manual overrides. When business objects or underlying tables change, the wizard identifies the required corresponding changes. The wizard allows you to accept or override each suggested change.

  • New Database or Existing System of Record

    Whether you have an existing database schema or need to create a new one from scratch, Apex Repository allows you to quickly define and maintain the relationship between IBM BPM business objects and the system of record database. For a new database, you can work top-down by creating tables and views for your business objects. For an existing system of record, work bottom-up using the configuration wizard to map business objects to existing database tables and views. Top-down or bottom-up, the Apex Repository will ensure that your business objects and database stay in synch.

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