Apex Performance Tools

You and your team were laser focused on business process performance, but did you miss the mark on system performance? Poor system response time can undermine user acceptance and jeopardize your plans to scale your BPM program. Apex Performance Tools help you get serious about performance.

Apex Performance Tools are native IBM BPM tools that are easy to integrate into new or existing process applications and support:

  • Performance Monitoring and Reporting – True end-user response times are logged in the database and can be monitored using the Monitor Performance administration service. You can even chose to report actual response time to your end users in the footer of each coach.
  • Performance Analysis – When you identify a performance issue, a rich stream of performance information (including both client-side and server-side events) is available for interactive drill-down analysis using the Analyze Performance administrator service.
  • Troubleshooting – The same stream of performance information can be used to quickly identify the source of problems reported in the system logs. Simply enter the node, thread and time of the log error and the Analyze Performance administrator service will show you the execution thread that lead to the exception. Service, Task and user information enable you to quickly identify the cause of the problem and what process instances may require attention to get things back on track.
  • Development Debugging – The performance information stream is also available as a development debugging tool. As user interfaces shift to more Ajax-based patterns, analyzing the flow of services outside of the standard debugging tools becomes more important. Apex Performance Tools reduce your development time by eliminating wasted time guessing at the source of the problem.

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