Apex Invoice Mangement

Invoice Management is the internal business function responsible for handling incoming documents from suppliers, attaining business approval, resulting in payments made to suppliers.

Common Challenges

  • Gap between purchasing and payment systems, leaves the process of receipt and tracking invoices unorganized.
  • Scattered procedures, often depending on spreadsheets and email, making effective tracking and auditing impossible.
  • Limited visibility into upcoming payments, preventing accurate financial projections.

Introducing Apex Invoice Management

  • Apex Invoice Management systematizes the processing of invoices from beginning to end.
    • Matches invoice and purchase order line items through a user-friendly interface, including original documents and supporting data.
    • Easily integrates with existing systems.
    • Supports phased delivery such as for manufacturing tooling
  • Provides visibility using configurable dashboards that show current status throughout the entire lifecycle.
  • Projects cash flow in real time using a customizable report of upcoming payments.

Built on IBM Business Process Manager

  • Apex Invoice Management leverages IBM Business Process Manager as a platform, providing all of the out-of-the-box features within IBM BPM.
  • Delivers the right information to the right team for validation, approval and payment.

Why Choose Apex?

Apex is a Premier IBM Business Partner specializing in IBM Business Process Manager and Operational Decision Manager. Our customers include organizations both large and small, across a broad range of industries.  Apex hires experienced industry professionals. We then provide them extensive training in the technical details of IBM BPM and ODM and our Agile methodology. Apex team members have an average of 19 years of industry experience, are based around the country and work with clients throughout North America.

For more information about Apex Invoice Management for IBM BPM please contact us.

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