Apex Firebase Integration

The Apex Firebase Integration toolkit includes a set of coach views and services that easily integrate with Firebase to build realtime applications. Firebase takes a NoSQL database and makes it available as a real-time backend service.

  • Aggregation of Data Sources

    Have you ever wanted to create a view of all activity (instances, tasks, business data, etc.) for a business entity? Firebase allows you to set up a single view for different types of data items populated via different activities. Whether a user or the system is updating the data, Firebase Integration will allow you to always have the most up-to-date view.

  • Realtime Apps

    Using Coach Views from the toolkit, you can open a connection with Firebase from your coach. Updates to the data are automatically pushed to your coach (within milliseconds!) ensuring your user is always looking at the most up-to-date data. With coach data always in sync with Firebase, two users working on the same set of business data can easily collaborate in realtime.

  • Minimal Time to Get Started

    Firebase is a full backend so you don’t need database servers to build your application. Simply, import the Firebase Integration toolkit, connect your coaches to Firebase, and you’ll be up and running in minutes!

  • Client Side and Server Side Support

    Whether you are working with client side or server side data, the Firebase Integration toolkit will work for you. Coach Views allow you to bind data directly to fields on your coach and a set of integration services allow you to connect to Firebase via traditional methods.

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