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IBM BPM provides a powerful business process management environment. Based on our industry experience, Apex has developed a set of add-on products that address specific needs of the BPM process modeling team. These products will help improve the efficiency and quality of your BPM development efforts.

  • Apex Repository

    Apex Repository is an IBM BPM toolkit that enables business users to persist business objects in a relational database. The toolkit includes services to create, read, update, delete, find and list business objects using your preferred database management system.

    AR provides:
    • Helper Tables
    • Prototyping System of Record
    • Production System of Record

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  • Apex Coach Views

    Apex Coach Views (ACV) is our ‘flagship’ IBM BPM toolkit that can be used to accelerate development of BPM projects and improve ‘time-to-production’ by expediting deployments. ACV will help you get more projects delivered to more users faster, generating increasingly more return on your BPM investment.

    ACV provides:
    • Rich Set of Controls
    • High Performance Grids
    • More Business Value Faster
    • Ability to Create Reusable Assets

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  • Performance Tools

    Poor system response time can undermine user acceptance and jeopardize your plans to scale your BPM program. Apex Performance Tools can help you improve system performance and maximize BPM value.

    PT provides:
    • Performance Monitoring and Reporting
    • Performance Analysis
    • Enhanced Troubleshooting Ability

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  • Firebase Integration

    The Apex Firebase Integration toolkit includes a set of coach views and services to help you to build real time applications with Firebase.

    FI provides:
    • Realtime Apps
    • Client Side and Server Side Support
    • Aggregation of Data Sources
    • Minimal Time to Get Started

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Who we are

Who we are

Apex Process Consultants specializes in Business Process Management (BPM) as a ‘discipline’ that automates and enables clients to perform their business functions cheaper, better and faster. Our consultants are experts in this field and are able to work with you onsite or remotely.

What is BPM

What is BPM

BPM is a systematic approach to making an organization's workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. A business process is an activity or set of activities that will accomplish a specific organizational goal. We are a certified ‘IBM Premiere Business Partner®’ that provides BPM services and is an authorized reseller of IBM BPM software.



Apex Coach Views 2 (ACV2) is the latest version of our toolkit for BPM. We have developed ‘Accelerators’ such as ACV2 and other solutions that have proven very valuable to our customers in terms of greatly diminishing development time, accelerating deployment and significantly enhancing ‘time-to-value’.

  • With Rajesh's help we were able to implement headless Workflow solution for the first time in our team;  He is very collaborative and willing to share his technical expertise, his mentoring helped our team members learn and come up to speed very rapidly.  This project was the longest running Workflow project for Rajesh and with his ownership and accountability, he always made us feel like he is part of the internal team.  Rajesh's ownership and accountability leave a lasting impression.   Project was very challenging , Rajesh was very accommodating and open to changes, willing to help resolve problems with his creative ideas.   It was a pleasure working with Rajesh and hoping to work with him in the future.

    Multinational banking and financial services company Bank
  • I would like to say that the team was very high performing and professional. It has been one of the best projects that I have been involved with. You and the team have been responsive, agile and forthright with your thoughts on how requirements could/should be met. You personally did a great job in understanding what the sponsor was trying to achieve as evidenced by the playbacks. The playbacks went very smoothly and were well received by the business and ancillary stakeholders. I sincerely appreciate everyone’s effort and contributions.

    One of the largest professional services firms in the world Services
  • Rajesh’s execution style is extremely collaborative and he has very strong WLE technical skills.  Rajesh demonstrated a great deal of creativity in coming up with a variety of approaches for a given problem.

    One of the largest professional services firms in the world Services