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App in 60 Minutes – The Build Out

Seeing it all come together…

In this 7th and final video in the “App in 60 Minutes” series, we’ll demonstrate how to build out the contents of the “Cart” tab so that the user can see the items added to his order. To recap, in Video #6, we implemented the mechanics of adding an Order Item to the Store Order. These order items are stored in an Apex Repository managed table.

In this video, we will create a database view, using the Repository Wizard, so that we can easily populate the list of items to show on the “Cart” tab. We’ll also show you how to use Apex Coach Views to add a Grid of Order Items to the Cart tab and how to use List Objects (a Repository coach view) to connect that grid to the data source. Within minutes, your grid will display the contents of the order!

erikafulkApp in 60 Minutes – The Build Out
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App in 60 Minutes – OrderItem Business Object

OrderItem Business Object

In this video, we’ll finish building out the complete functionality of the Order Guide tab.  In our last video, we set up the Store Order object, and now we’ll show how to add items to the order.  Using Apex Coach Views, we will enhance the “Shopping Cart” button so that when clicked, a spinner is shown and the order item is added to the order.  We’ll use another Apex Repository coach view to add the item to the database.  The integration will be done in minutes and we won’t have to write any SQL!

Stay tuned for Video #7 – which will complete our App in 60 Minutes series… We’ll be showing you how to build out Shopping Cart tab so that the user can see the items that he has added to his order.

erikafulkApp in 60 Minutes – OrderItem Business Object
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App in 60 Minutes – Order Buisness Object

Order Business Object

In our last video, we demonstrated how to use Apex Repository to connect to an existing table in an external database to retrieve the store name.  In this video, we’ll continue to build out the Store Order application by creating the Store Order table in the repository and showing how to use the Add Object integration service from the toolkit to create a new row in that table.  Once we have the Store Order object in the database, we’ll then be able to add Order Items to the Order in Video #6 — stay tuned!!

erikafulkApp in 60 Minutes – Order Buisness Object
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App in 60 Minutes – Using Apex Repository

Fine-tuning the details…

In previous videos in the “App in 60 Minutes” series, we set up a tabbed interface, added a list of products to the tab, and connected the list to an Apex Repository table. In this video, we’ll walk through, step-by-step, how to use Apex Repository to connect to an existing database table, external to the Repository’s database. We’ll also look at another Repository Coach View – Read Object – to read and display the store name in the page’s header.

Up next, in Video #5, we’ll add another table to the repository and use a repository service to populate it’s data… stay tuned!

erikafulkApp in 60 Minutes – Using Apex Repository
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App in 60 Minutes – Creating a Business Object

Getting into the thick of things…

Previously, in video #2, we created the layout of the Order Guide Tab and populated it with static data. In this video, we’ll address creating a business object, using Apex Repository to create a database table for that object, and bulk load test data to that table. Additionally, we use an Apex Repository coach view to retrieve data from the database and display it in the Dynamic Table (which previously had hard-coded data). This coach view eliminates the need for developing a new integration service, and you’ll be able to display data on your coach with a few simple steps!

In Video #4 we’ll take our process app one step further and connect a business object to an existing external database table using Apex Repository.

erikafulkApp in 60 Minutes – Creating a Business Object
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App in 60 Minutes – Order Guide Tab

Layouts don’t get much simpler than this…

In video #1, we added a tabbed layout on our page; now, we’ll look at how to build out the Order Guide Tab. In this video, we’ll add a Dynamic Section to our tab in order to display our list of products. For now, the data displayed will be static, however, in a future video, we’ll show you how to bind the list to a dynamic data source. Additionally, you’ll see how simple it is to style your application specifically to your company’s look and feel.

Coming soon in video #3, we’ll take a first look at Apex Repository and how it is used to easily create a table for a new business object.

erikafulkApp in 60 Minutes – Order Guide Tab
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App in 60 Minutes – Layout Main Page

Getting started is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

This is the first of seven videos in our series – Build a Process App in 60 Minutes.  In it, we will use Apex Coach Views to layout the main page of our Store Order Application.  This page will contain a header, footer, and set of tabs.  Using the config options of the coach views, you will see how easily and quickly you can set up your page layout.

Stay tuned for video #2 in our series, where we will take a look at building out the layout of the Order Guide tab.

erikafulkApp in 60 Minutes – Layout Main Page
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Gearing up for #IBMImpact 2014

Every December we have our holiday party. We all get together reflect a little on the past year. Mostly we just catch up with the people who live out of state or who have just been traveling and we don’t see very often.

Every January we start focusing on what’s up-and-coming in the technology world.

Every February we have our Annual Kickoff Meeting. We all get together to talk about the business side of things. In December it’s all fun and games, but February is all business. We discuss what we did in the past year. And we talk about what goals we want to accomplish in the next 30, 60 and 90 days. We plan out how to make the current year more successful for us and our clients. We figure out how to use new technology in what we’re doing. The rest of February is spent implementing and planning the rest of the year, as well as working on all the client projects we have going on.

Since January we’ve been upgrading old products and adding new products and toolkits that will knock your socks off, and also streamline your business.

Have you checked out our Apex Coach Views 1.5 update?

Have you seen our Apex Repository page? There isn’t much there right now, but in the next few weeks we’ll be unveiling our new Apex Repository, with so many cool new features you’ll do anything to get it!

We’re also working on an amazing new product that we can’t tell you much about, yet… But we’ll be launching this new toolkit before IBM Impact. We’ll be at Impact in case you want to stop by and chat with us about this or any of our products/toolkits.

erikafulkGearing up for #IBMImpact 2014
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Apex Repository 2.15.0 Available

Apex is pleased to announce general availability of Apex Repository version 2.15.0.  Version 2.15.0 adds support for executing creates, updates, and deletes of multiple business objects in a single transaction.  The Apex Repository makes it easy to manage IBM BPM business objects in a relational database.  After defining the setup for a business object using a simple XML file, the repository automatically creates or alters existing tables, indexes and foreign keys to match.   For more information on the Apex Repository, please contact us at

lgerhardApex Repository 2.15.0 Available
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