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Gearing up for #IBMImpact 2014

Every December we have our holiday party. We all get together reflect a little on the past year. Mostly we just catch up with the people who live out of state or who have just been traveling and we don’t see very often.

Every January we start focusing on what’s up-and-coming in the technology world.

Every February we have our Annual Kickoff Meeting. We all get together to talk about the business side of things. In December it’s all fun and games, but February is all business. We discuss what we did in the past year. And we talk about what goals we want to accomplish in the next 30, 60 and 90 days. We plan out how to make the current year more successful for us and our clients. We figure out how to use new technology in what we’re doing. The rest of February is spent implementing and planning the rest of the year, as well as working on all the client projects we have going on.

Since January we’ve been upgrading old products and adding new products and toolkits that will knock your socks off, and also streamline your business.

Have you checked out our Apex Coach Views 1.5 update?

Have you seen our Apex Repository page? There isn’t much there right now, but in the next few weeks we’ll be unveiling our new Apex Repository, with so many cool new features you’ll do anything to get it!

We’re also working on an amazing new product that we can’t tell you much about, yet… But we’ll be launching this new toolkit before IBM Impact. We’ll be at Impact in case you want to stop by and chat with us about this or any of our products/toolkits.

erikafulkGearing up for #IBMImpact 2014
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Other Interesting Sessions at #IBMImpact

Here are some other interesting presentations at Impact next week:

TBU-3079 : Case Study: The State of Alaska Unified Permit Project
Speakers: Scott McEwen, State of Alaska Dept of Natural Resources; Zoya Ponomareva, State of Alaska Dept of Natural Resources
Abstract: The State of Alaska had a backlog of permit applications from entities wishing to use state resources. It needed a solution that would enable it to streamline its processes and eliminate the backlog. The state engaged IBM to create an agile BPM environment using a 14-week Quick Win Project and IBM Blueworks Live and IBM Business Process Manager Advanced software. The solution provides greater visibility into processes along with greater consistency, helping speed the application process. Plus, the platform can be extended to deliver even greater ROI.
When: Wed, 1/May, 10:15 AM – 11:15 AM
Where: Venetian – Delfino 4005

TBU-1775 : Case Study: Grupo Nacional Provincial Enables Business Decisions in Real Time
Speaker: Pablo Vidales, Grupo Nacional Provincial
Abstract: With IBM Operational Decision Management and IBM BPM, GNP deployed a central business rules repository to adapt business behavior to strategy in real time. By automating the health policy underwriting and issuing processes, GNP gained the following benefits: increased efficiency and agility, the ability to dynamically distribute workloads based on process exceptions, better customer service, lower costs, and a self-service solution that allows customers to participate in the process end-to-end. In the future, GNP will extend the solution and benefits to its main business lines: car insurance, life insurance, procurement, HR, and more.
When: Tue, 30/Apr, 05:15 PM – 06:15 PM
Where: Venetian – Delfino 4005

You can find these sessions and add them to your agenda here.

jvolpeOther Interesting Sessions at #IBMImpact
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Apex Presenting with Delphi Automotive at #IBMImpact

Jim Volpe

Apex has played a key role in three projects to implement IBM BPM at Delphi.  The first project was with their purchasing process centers, which was highlighted in a presentation last year at Impact.  We also worked with Delphi to build an engineering change process and are now helping them to complete a process for new business acquisition.

Next week at Impact, I will present with Richard Rossio from Delphi Automotive, discussing our approach to the new business acquisition process and lessons learned from engineering change.   You can find the session to add it to your agenda here.


Abstract: Delphi Automotive implemented a system to improve the efficiency and standardization of their quoting process using IBM BPM. This presentation will illustrate how they delivered a process application quickly to provide early value, then continued to work toward providing additional value through iterative releases. The presentation will include a discussion of assembling the right team and how the diversity of the team’s capabilities was important. It will also look at the complexity and challenges that the team faced. These included integration with several systems and the need to build advanced user interfaces to view and edit complex data, both easily and quickly, within IBM BPM.
When: Thursday, 2 May, 08:45 AM – 09:45 AM
Where: Venetian – Delfino 4101A

If you would like to set up a meeting with us to discuss the project or the cool new products from Apex, please contact us.

jvolpeApex Presenting with Delphi Automotive at #IBMImpact
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@apexbpm at #IBMImpact

Below are IBM’s 5 reason’s to attend Impact 2013. Want to know what we think are reason’s 0-4?

In addition to the great content presented at Impact, our Apex experts will be out and about during the conference to show you what we’ve been up to since the last time you’ve checked in with us. We spent a lot of time with customers understanding what they need to make their IBM BPM projects successful, and we’ve been upgrading our products to make sure all of our clients (existing and future) will have access to these new great features. Some of these solutions may be things you never knew you wanted, but I bet when you see them, you won’t want to do another project without them. Check out some of the other great reason’s to meet with us:

0 – A sneak peak at a game changing new product from Apex that enables case management in IBM BPM

1 – Meet 1:1 with an Apex expert to learn more about Apex Coach Views (You can read more about our upgrades to Coach Views before you stop by)

2 – Check out one of our current products that we’ve spent a lot of time revamping, we’ll reveal which one when we see you! 

3 – Find out how Apex can accelerate your IBM BPM process improvement project

4 – An exciting concert from Matchbox 20







erikafulk@apexbpm at #IBMImpact
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