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What’s New in 1.5 – Grid Complex Row

Apex Grid Complex Rows give you a new way to present data in a grid. Developers run into this question all the time: “How do I best present my data without it looking like an overwhelming spreadsheet to my users?”

With our Grid Complex Row tools we give IBM BPM developers a new, simple and powerful way to show extended grid data to users. The Grid Complex Row allows you to show the core data you need for each row of data, and then – when certain conditions are met – additional rows of data can be made to appear that are tied to the immediately preceding row. For example, what if you were looking at your team’s expense reports and wanted to see the descriptions on any items that cost over $500? You could include the description notes for every item in the grid – or with Grid Complex Row you would see those details neatly displayed, but only when the record meets your rules. It’s a powerful tool that helps you keep your IBM BPM grids smaller and easier to read. This is a very useful tool for mobile development.

erikafulkWhat’s New in 1.5 – Grid Complex Row
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What’s New in 1.5 – Grid Row Section

When it comes to editing data in a Grid, the classic solution is to pop-up an interface in front of the grid and let the user edit one record at a time. But there are problems with this approach. It doesn’t work well on mobile, it doesn’t let you easily cut and paste from one record to another, it only allows you to edit one record at a time, and so on.

Our solution to this is the Apex Grid Row Section. It empowers your IBM BPM grids with a new interface that lets you edit multiple records at once without limiting your options. With Grid Row Sections, new editable areas replace the grid row and let you edit right in the same screen. It’s a wonderful user experience and works great on mobile devices.

erikafulkWhat’s New in 1.5 – Grid Row Section
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What’s New in 1.5 – Dynamic Table

The Apex Dynamic Table gives your IBM BPM applications an amazing new user interface. Your app can display a table of data, and then users can instantly add new columns or rows. You should check out our demonstration video for this feature to see how it dramatically changes things. It is stunning in its simplicity and fluidity.

We use two more new tools to make these Dynamic Tables work. These are the Calculate and Iterate views. As their name suggests, they let you automatically perform math functions on your table data, and iterate changes through the table in real time. Behind the scenes some very technical things are going, but your users will simply experience a powerful and easy to use enhancement to their IBM BPM applications.

erikafulkWhat’s New in 1.5 – Dynamic Table
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