Apex BPM Experience

Business Process Management (BPM) is a systematic approach to managing and optimizing a company’s business processes.

When considering BPM software options, many companies will invest anywhere from 3-18 months researching and evaluating a solution just to be left with the question “Is BPM software the right fit for us?”  The time and resource investments for RFIs, RFPs, Proof-of-concepts all accumulate to a very expensive endeavor for companies.  For many organizations, there is a desire to try before you buy and access to the software is not enough!  Understanding the practice of process engineering and using the BPM platform correctly are critical to realizing the value.

Apex Process Consultants is able to provide its customers with a new alternative to answer the question of whether BPM is the right fit for their organization.  In order to facilitate this, Apex provides access to the IBM BPM software for 90 days, and additionally provides mentorship and training during this timeframe.  Access to the solution and the consulting services is just $29,500.

The Apex BPM Experience includes:

  • 90-day Access to IBM Business Process Manager Express on Cloud
  • Access for three company developers
  • 80 hours of mentoring/training from Apex

Areas for mentoring:

  • Process Envisioning and Proven Design Patterns
  • Process Creation, Roles, and Task Assignment
  • User Interface creation using the industry leading toolkits.
  • Integration Services
  • BPM Portal Configuration and Use
  • Security and BPM Administration
  • Versioning, Reporting, and Governance

This solution requires no customer infrastructure or administration and can be available within days.

For more information, email info@apexbpm.com or call 947-282-6026.

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