Firebase Integration Toolkit

The Apex Firebase Integration toolkit includes a set of coach views and services to help you to build realtime applications with Firebase.

Realtime Apps

Client Side and Server Side Support

Aggregation of Data Sources

Minimal Time to Get Started

erika.fulk@apexbpm.comFirebase Integration Toolkit
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Apex Performance Tools

You and your team were laser focused on business process performance, but did you miss the mark on system performance? Poor system response time can undermine user acceptance and jeopardize your plans to scale your BPM program. Apex Performance Tools help you get serious about performance.

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Performance Analysis

erika.fulk@apexbpm.comApex Performance Tools
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Apex Repository

Apex Repository is an IBM BPM toolkit that enables business users to persist business objects in a relational database. The toolkit includes services to create, read, update, delete, find and list business objects using your preferred database management system.

Helper Tables

Prototyping System of Record

Production System of Record

erika.fulk@apexbpm.comApex Repository
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Apex Coach Views

Business value lost to late projects can never be recovered. Apex Coach Views help you get more projects delivered to more users faster, generating dramatically more return on your BPM investment.

Rich Set of Controls

High Performance Grids

More Business Value Faster

erika.fulk@apexbpm.comApex Coach Views
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