About us

Our staff of experienced BPM Architects and Specialists will partner with you to provide the full range of services required for success on any BPM or ODM project, big or small. We are experts at developing and implementing these projects using an agile development method and offer a suite of Apex proprietary tools designed to maximize efficiency and time to production.

Our story

Apex’s IBM Certified Process Specialists are experts in the implementation of processes on the technical level. They have the wide range of technical skills required to make a BPM project successful and a proprietary technical library at their disposal. In support of customer projects, they have developed processes and services in many different industries, working in several countries.

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Why us?

Our mission is to partner with our customers to build Business Process Engineering capability that optimizes the interaction of people, process and information to improve business performance.

The Apex approach is designed to enable customers to take ownership of their BPM effort by providing knowledge transfer of industry best practices. This includes getting teams up to speed quickly with tailored BPM training, dedicated or on demand mentoring services to help teams continue to grow, and powerful tools and methodologies to accelerate BPM implementations.

Apex will work with your team to make processes that fit your business model. We work with you from start to finish and will even work with you on demand after that for any new work you want to incorporate.

The Apex team, being based all around the US, has the ability to come to you on-site, let you travel to us or work remotely with you on any projects.

Our Skills

Apex Process Consultants have the industrial experience and technical expertise to guide you on your process engineering journey. Apex team members utilize the latest suite of tools, both commercially available and Apex proprietary, to guarantee the success of any project.

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Our Members

Apex is unique in that our employee’s have the ability to buy in and become Partners in the business. Meet the 2015 list of Apex Partners

David Knapp

David Knapp President

In 2009, David Knapp formed Apex Process Consultants. Since then he has instilled his hard work ethic and drive into each and every person that's worked here. He has shared his other hobbies with our team as well, things like woodworking, gun shooting and whiskey drinking. He sounds like he came out of the wild west, but he lives in Wisconsin.

Kyle Hoskins

Kyle Hoskins Senior Process Specialist

Kyle Hoskins is an accomplished guitar owner.

Sashi Krishnamoorthy

Sashi Krishnamoorthy Senior Process Architect

Sashi is a process architect and project leader with extensive process reengineering experience.

Nick Laughton

Nick Laughton Principal Process Architect

Nick Laughton has a British accent, but he refuses to be the voice guy on our answering machines. He does race bicycles on the road, off the road and in his own home.

Andy Roper

Andy Roper Senior Process Specialist

Andy Roper built his own custom arcade game cabinet. Andy attends DragonCon every year and loves rollercoasters. He also shares the same hometown as Jim Nabors (Gomer Pyle).

Chenthil Manickam

Chenthil Manickam Process Consultant

Chenthil Manickam is the first person to come to the USA from his tiny village southern tip of India. He is the first person from Apex travelled to Bangalore, India for client assignment.

Sethu Kathiresan

Sethu Kathiresan Senior Process Specialist

Sethu has 14 plus years of experience with specialization in Business Process Management, development and execution of process improvement solutions in diverse global industry domains of automotive, healthcare, accounting, professional services.

Jim Volpe

Jim Volpe Principal Process Architect

Even though most Apex Consultants have spent time in Tampa FL, Jim Volpe is under the impression that just like Atlantis, Tampa only exists in the mind.

Rajesh Bihani

Rajesh Bihani Senior Process Specialist

Rajesh is an accomplished marathoner. He has made more people at Apex run marathon relays than any of us ever thought possible. Rajesh has run marathons in multiple countries.

Phat Tran

Phat Tran Process Consultant

Phat Tran runs on Compressed Natural Gas.

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